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“Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created. It is a major force in explaining man to man.”

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David Lambard

David Lambard
Phoenix Fire
Where does a single man go with his spare change? Fashion Square, Gucci, Diesel, True Religion, Twin Peaks? I say all the above.

The Scene.

The ladies are a bit young here but for the young men, it's all good. I was lucky to have two ladies serve me. And believe me they both were exceptional womenIntel donated 22G's on this project for the High School kids to learn about sustainability and bio-fuel. I believe they [I have no idea who they are, maybe the teacher] will be buying a seed press in January to extract the oils out of the seeds.
This riparian area is an outstanding terrestrial bird watching biome. Mallards, Great Blue Heron, Ring-necked Duck but just a few of the177 species known to visit. Spectacular views of the Lower Salt River tributary and Red Mountain. In the distance Piestewa Peak to the West and Four Peaks East. A excellent club sandwich born from the remnants of many delicious things. Three slices of thin white toast, choice of bacon and I chose honey bacon since I already enjoyed jalapeño bacon the previous day. Lettuce, tomato, honey cured ham, turkey and a little mayo and spices. WestSide 

Jim Morrison is playing over the air. That is a good sign. Owner Chef Michael must be a Rock'nRolla. Nichole greets me with a smile and I asked for a beer. She looks at me and remarks "Do you like craft beer?" I bet my eyes lit right up. So she says "I like the Tucson brewed Nimbus A-1."  This breakfast house is worth it's weight.  Both of the gals I interacted with are all that. Awesome smiles with beautiful personalities.

And kiss the cook, I hope she's a girl, because my egg sandwich was the best.
Allison and Remi at the Biltmore.A rough architectural contribution to the neighborhood in the way that only kids building a fort could do but delivering excellent coffee, art and ambiance. Their new wave of coffee quality in Phoenix is remarkable particularly with the Costa Rican beans offering a rich moment to be remembered.My kid daughter Chloe's work of art 'Sunkiss'Whole Foods flagship store in north Scottsdale.On display were High School Kids Art from Apollo, Cortez, Glendale, Greenway, Independence, Moon Valley, Sunnyslope, Thunderbird and Washington. Ribbons were awarded to the most talented and there was art extraordinaire.

I can see Mike Nielsen has a genuine appreciation for the Sunnyslope Art Walk Sunnyslope Art Walk 2012. Loved the bands this year. 
Refugees from the 60's. The Owner of Grinders puts on a hell of a show. 
Snake Town, the guys sounded great. I heard a little Sublime, Excellent job. 
Cover story, rock band doing Scorps. [Shown Here]
Andy Naylor, originals.
Prom 2012

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